I have faith in Jesus. I am a Christadelphian. That is who I am and what is most important to me. That is why I have chosen to write about faith on this blog – because I can’t do anything without reference to my faith: it is my world.

‘Christadelphian’: what a long and awkward name. It’s off-putting I know. It means ‘brethren in Christ’. We had to call ourselves something different because as a community we found ourselves at odds with the mainstream churches about many things and that’s why we were formed.

No we do not believe that Jesus has returned and is a used car salesman in Bradford.

We do not have strange Masonic rituals involving rolling our trouser legs up.

We do not believe that we have written books that are equal to the Bible in authority telling people to do crazy things.

We do not believe that we have the power of healing.

In fact we do not believe that we have the Holy Spirit at all and are able to do miraculous things like the apostles. Quite obviously we can’t do that sort of thing.

We don’t believe that God created a supernatural Devil with horns and a pitch-fork roasting sinners for all eternity.

We do not believe that we go to heaven when we die and see Peter at the pearly gates. We believe what the Bible tells us – that Jesus will return, become the King of the world and sit on David’s throne in Jerusalem.

We do not believe we have Divine authority as the Pope claims to do. The Bible is our authority.

We do not go about in fancy dress like priests, vicars and bishops waving smoking implements with strange hats on. In fact we don’t have priests at all.

We do not believe in some sort of mystical union thinking that Jesus is actually God.

We are not a cult despite what is written about us online. We may be called a Christian sect, but not a cult. We will not be slavishly following some psychopathic madman and murdering people in their beds.

We are made up from a wide spectrum of society from eminent scientists to ordinary working people.

We are just a bunch of normal people who believe in finding out the truth about what God says in the Bible.

We just try and do what God wants us to do.

There a number of links on this site that will help you find out about what Christadelphians believe. Read the Bible for yourself with an open mind and if you need help contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about it.